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Using 'Lock' in the contact documents tab
Using 'Lock' in the contact documents tab
Updated over a week ago

The 'lock' file feature is available to stop users from uploading any further file versions. Use this to stop your staff from making any further changes to files when the document is final and has been sent to the client. Locked files also cannot be deleted by staff.

Lock a file by:

  1. Opening the folder that the file is located within.

  2. Locate the file in the list and select the row action button > choose the 'lock' option.

  3. The list is refreshed and the file row now shows the 'locked' symbol.

  4. The locked file (and previous versions) can be downloaded, but no further future versions can be uploaded.


  • If the file was locked by mistake then use the 'unlock' option found in the row action button to reverse this process.

  • Only the administrator or higher access levels can use the 'lock' or 'unlock' file feature.

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