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Upload contact documents
Upload contact documents
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Add files into Synergy using either drag and drop if you are on a desktop computer, or by selecting multiple files to upload in a browse window on your device.

Upload files using drag and drop

  1. Open the folder that you want to save the files within.

  2. In File Explorer on your computer locate the files you want to upload to Synergy.

  3. Highlight the files in the File Explorer window and drag and drop them onto Synergy open in a web browser.
    Note: The files should be dropped onto the drag and drop panel at the end of the list of documents shown.

  4. The file upload starts automatically.

  5. The page refreshes once compete to show the newly added files within the open document folder.

Tip: This method is only available when using a desktop computer. When using a tablet or phone, please see the alternate method below.

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