Sharing a project file
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Share a project file (document or image) with selected project contacts or internal staff. Sharing a file send the selected people and email with a link to download the file or to view the file in the project portal. Sharing project files allows the contacts or staff to be able to view the files in the project portal. Within the portal the team can comment on image files to add their thoughts on a project task, or download a set of shared files to their device. Sharing files also allows the contacts to download large sized files without having to worry about email attachment file size limits that are often enforced by corporate email servers.

Project documents can be shared with any of the contacts or staff who are listed on the project contacts tab via email, and can be viewed in the project portal if they have portal access enabled.

Share project documents by:

  1. Go to: Project > Documents tab.

  2. Locate the folder with the project files you want to share.

  3. Check the box next to each of the files to share.

  4. At the end of the file panel click the multi select actions button > select the 'share' option.

  5. The file sharing panel is shown on the right with the current files included.

  6. Browse to any other folders you need to include files from and repeat the above steps 3- 5.

  7. Click the 'share with' button when all required files have been added.

  8. In the 'select contact' field type part of the contact name you want to share the files with, to select the contact name from the list. You can type multiple names into this field to share the files with multiple contacts if required.

  9. Type a message to appear in the email to explain to the contacts why you have shared the files with them.

  10. Click the share button.


  • The contacts added to the share will receive an email explaining how to access the shared files in the project portal.

  • The 'shared with' column in the document tabs shows how many people the project files have been shared with to the portal. Click on the number of contacts to see the details (with who it was shared and when).

  • Add extra people to a share by selecting the number of contacts in the 'shared with' column, and click the 'share' button to add their details.

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