Sending a file via email
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send process allows you to select multiple contacts to send the email TO, and add a custom message to be included in the email sent for your client. Project documents can be 'sent' to any contact listed on the project contacts tab. Staff documents can be emailed to other staff within your Synergy organization. Contact documents can be emailed to any staff or contact record.

Send a file via email by:

  1. Open the Documents tab.

  2. Select the folder that the file resides within in the folder list.

  3. For the file you want to send, select the row action button > 'send' option.

  4. In the 'To' box select the contact(s) that the file will be emailed to.

  5. (Optional) Add a message that will be included in the email for all the entered contacts.

  6. Click the 'send' button.

  7. The email has been sent and you will be returned to the documents list. The selected contacts (or staff) will receive an email from Synergy with the file included as an attachment.

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