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Email a contact document
Email a contact document
Updated over a week ago

Store documents against each Synergy contact. Upload PDF's, Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, image files and much more.

After saving files to Synergy you can share the files with the team by using the 'Send' a contact document feature. The send option create a Synergy email and include the file an email attachment.

Email a document by

  1. Open the Contact > Documents tab.

  2. Find the folder that the document is saved within.

  3. Select the row action button and choose 'Send'.

Create the email message

  1. Select a staff member or external contact (company / individual / personnel types) that you want to send this file to as an attachment.

  2. Type a message to the person to explain why they are getting emailed the attached file and click 'Send'.

The email the contact receives has the file file attached along with the message details from Synergy.

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