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Availability planner – solves your resourcing headaches
Availability planner – solves your resourcing headaches
Updated over a week ago

This April, Synergy will release a gem of a feature that shows you if your staff are available for future projects.

New tools to manage staff availability

In this update, managers can now set their staff as unavailable. Managers can change staff availability from a side panel in the resource planning page, or from the team availability page. The team availability page is new and shows who in your organisation is unavailable and when.

As an option available, staff can send their availability updates to their manager for acknowledgement. This notification appears directly in the app and managers can approve (or decline) it there and then. This means no more lost emails.

Who is unavailable and when?

If you’re working across multiple offices (or even in a large office) and share resources between teams, people’s availability changes frequently. For example, you may not have heard that the senior architect you recently worked with is headed for a coincides with critical touchpoints of your proposed project.

With such a key role to fill, what happens if you plan for her to work on it and all your locally-based, senior architects are already at maximum capacity during that time?

A headache.

Solving your resourcing headaches

We understand the business behind your business, so we enhanced the resource planning page to give you greater insight into scheduling your staff availability.

The The purple shows you time marked as unavailable, so you can see, at a glance who is away at any time. This can include annual leave, professional development like conferences, staff meetings or even public holidays. And the striped amethyst bars show requests that are still awaiting approval.

It’s all about visual simplicity.

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