Changing availability
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It is possible to add a new unavailable period for yourself or any of your staff using the add button in the top right of the team availability page.

When you click on the Add button in the team availability page, select if you are changing the availability for yourself or for others.

What you will see in the dialog box depends if you are adding for yourself or for others.

  • Select staff members This is only seen if you are adding leave for others.

  • Availability administrators can add ‘All staff’ here.

  • Only availability administrators will have the All staff multi-user group option.

  • If you have multiple offices, availability administrators can set for unavailability for an office. Managers will only see and set unavailability for their reporting staff.

  • Type Choose the type that relates to your availability request from here. This is a list of your organization's active, internal project stages (configure in Organization menu > Settings > Time sheet lists > Internal project stages).

  • Start and end dates Use the date picker to select proposed dates.

  • Comment Add a comment to provide context for the leave request.

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