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Requested and approved availability requests
Requested and approved availability requests
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When you see purple in the grid, this means the staff member corresponding to the row is unavailable for the days shown in the header row.

The purple background shows the unavailable period. If the row is a solid color, this means the request is approved. However, if the row is striped, the request is awaiting approval and are not included in the resource calculations.

When you click on the purple background, you will open the right-hand sidebar. In the instance, there are two unavailability types taken in the same week, this is shown as separate entries.

When you expand the row, you will see the internal project on the left menu. In the grid, you will see the number of utilised hours you are unavailable at a weekly level.

When you expand the internal project, you will see a breakdown of the types of unavailable time.

EXAMPLE: When an availability request is approved, the number of hours marked in the weekly total shows the total of utilised time. For example if your target utilisation is 90%, and you take one day of leave, this equates to 5.23 hours. So you will see 5.23 hours for that week. Similarly, if you take the whole week off you will see 5.23 * 5 or 23.17 hours.

The staff summary hours and total summary hours also includes unavailable hours, once a request is approved.

In the instance, the same type of unavailability is taken during different weeks, when the row is expanded, you will see them grouped in the one row, ie you will see leave taken in April and leave taken in June all on the same row.

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