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Managing availability requests
Managing availability requests
Updated over a week ago

In the team availability page, you can make changes to an availability request in two ways.

  1. Click on the ellipsis icon.

You then have several options.

  • Set as approvedthe boss has acknowledged it and it is approved (not applicable in My availability).

  • Set as declinedthe boss has said you can’t go at this time (not applicable in My availability).

  • Set as cancelledthe user changed their mind.

  • Set as requestedreverts an approved request back to requested status.

  • Edit detailssame action as when you click on a row.

If as a manager, you click on your own name, you will only see the options ‘Set as cancelled’ or ‘Edit details’. This is because, someone else will need to acknowledge your change in availability.

2. Click on a row.

When you click on a row, a dialog will open.

  • Type If an incorrect request was submitted, change it here.

  • Start and end datesUse the date picker to change it to the correct dates.

  • CommentYou can add onto any comments already written. This text box does not support versioning, so make sure to initial your comments.

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