Viewing leave and availability requests

How to view leave and unavailability requests in Synergy.

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Edition: Business*, Enterprise

User-level: User (to view only), Project Manager and above (to view and manage)

You will only have access in Business if you have SynergyHR Add-on enabled.

There are two different ways to view/manage leave and availability requests - as a User, and as a Project Manager through to System Administrator. The information below will walk you through how to view, and approve leave/availability requests depending on your user access level.

How to view your requests as a user

  1. Click your Profile image (or by default - image with your initials) in the top right corner of Synergy > My Availability.

  2. Here you can view all of your leave applications and their current status.


How to view requests as a manager, director or system administrator

  1. Select the Organisation drop down menu > Team Availability.

    • If you have SynergyHR you'll have an Availability menu, then Team Availability.

  2. Here you can view all leave applications and their current status.

    • In this view, as a Manager or System Administrator, you can approve or decline any requests that are pending approval.

      • You can click "Approve" if nothing needs to be edited, to automatically approve leave or,

      • You can click the "..." button for more quick options such as set as Approved, Declined, Cancelled or,

      • Click the request line for extra information, and/or to modify details of the request.


You can filter the Team availability register by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the 'Add' button and adding a filter that's meaningful for you. E.g. "Status - requested", "Staff - my staff and me"

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