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Description of the project rows in the planning board
Description of the project rows in the planning board
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When you open project planning (called ‘planning board’ in Synergy Business), you will see project rows in the grid are in a variety of colors and styles.

These are defined as:

  1. Dotted rows— Dots around project rows show that a project has no start date, no end date or neither start nor end date.

  2. Teal rows— Projects in active status - can only be in delivery mode.

  3. Striped rows— Projects in proposal status. The projects can be in planning or delivery modes (but likely in planning mode

  4. Italicised font in a project row— Projects still in planning mode.

  5. Blue rows— Stages at proposal status.

  6. Dark overlay— The end of the dark overlay is today's date.

  7. Donut graph— Shows the capacity of the allocated resource(s) to the project. Hovering over the donut graph will open a tooltip with more detailed information.

  8. Non-billable projects* - Each non billable project, or a single stage project with a 'no billing' fee type assigned to the stage will have an asterisk* next to the fee value in the project row. The asterisk shows that the value is used for automatic capacity estimating, but is not included in the revenue forecast.

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