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How do I change a project's date in the planning board?
How do I change a project's date in the planning board?
Updated over a week ago

Each project row in the planning grid can be moved using the mouse to set the project start and end dates. The drag and drop type actions below allow you to update the start and end dates of the project:

  1. Click on a project row to drag it to any week, up to one year into the future.

  2. Click on the start or end of the project row and when the cursor changes, drag it to your new desired dates.

After the project move is completed, the forecast automatically updates the resourcing bubbles and the linked automatic budget lines. The revenue forecast and capacity graphs are also updated each time a project is moved in the grid.


  • The planning grid shows the preceding one month, and the following 24 months, from your current date.

  • Projects can be dragged and dropped into the past month and into future months.

  • Projects can be extended into the past month, by dragging the start of the forecast row into a past period that is included in the forecast grid. If the project runs over multiple years, the project name may not appear on the part of the screen you have open in forecasting. Use the projects panel on the left to see the project name, or click on a project name to find it in the forecast grid.

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