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Add a new project in the planning board
Add a new project in the planning board
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You can add a new project right from the planning board.

  1. Click the '+' button on the right side to add a new project in the forecast grid.

  2. Type a project name (mandatory).

  3. Change the project type to match the type of work this project is for (optional).

  4. Use the calendar in the start and end date fields to estimate: When this project might start. This defaults to today's date.How many months the project will take to complete. This defaults to one month in the future.

  5. Set the value to estimate the agreed fee for the project. The value entered will be automatically split across the forecast months equally.

  6. Select the likelihood of the project by selecting a project status option from the slider list.

  7. Changes are saved when you click into the grid.



All projects created using the planning board 'add project' method are single-stage projects. The following details are automated:

  • The project manager is set to be 'you', the person creating the project on the planning board.

  • The invoice contact and primary contact are not set for these projects. That detail can be set later in the project contacts when the details are known.

  • The single stage is set up to be 'fixed fee' fee type.

  • The single stage has the default 'cost center' and 'discipline' applied, which is setup in the Settings > Projects Lists area.

  • The single stage is set up to be tax applicable with the rate group of 'standard' applied.

The above details should be checked once the job is confirmed to go ahead before the project is changed to be 'active' or any time and expense transactions are attached.

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