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How do I build my team in the planning board?
How do I build my team in the planning board?
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When using the planning board, you can automatically assign resources according to the fee when you are in planning mode. The team builder also allows you to add a role type and staff member to a stage and fine-tune the booking accordingly.

Dictated by fee:

If your fee is fixed, you can get a rough estimate of the time required for different resources to complete the project.

  • When you create a project, Synergy will automatically assign all your available role types according to the fee. You can also set up a template for roles to be assigned when a specific stage is created.

  • Delete roles that are not required for the stage by either shift-clicking on the role, or clicking on the role and using the ellipsis in the pop-out to remove the role. This will alter your overall fee.

  • Click the stage again and make the changes to the fee in the Value field. This will redistribute the hours to the roles for this stage, to the fee value you specified. It takes into consideration the charge-out value and utilisation for the staff members with this role type.

  • The fee will change again if more roles are added. When a role is added, they will be automatically allocated at 100%.

  • While you can add specific members at this stage, it is not advised. Doing this will affect the fee.


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