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How do I add a role to a stage?
How do I add a role to a stage?
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To add a role to a stage, click on the plus icon.

This will open the sidebar. The sidebar shows you the roles and staff, collectively known as the ‘Current team’ assigned to this stage. 

  • To see the plus icon, you need to be at the stage level and hover over any of the circles or the stage bar. See screenshot.

  • In the sidebar, under 'Add roles', click on a role to assign it to the team. This lists all the roles you have in your system. When you assign a role to the stage, the role will be allocated at 100%. The 100% is the effective utilisation of the combined members of the team. See Clicking on staff member, below to change the number of hours automatically allocated.

  • Click out of the sidebar to see the changes.

  • You can add more roles to this stage, as required by repeating the steps.

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