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Xero account code mapping for Expenses
Xero account code mapping for Expenses
Updated over a week ago

The Account Code is used to define which 'expense account' the bills will be transferred into within Xero. For example the demo Xero company file has a 'expense account' General Expenses with the account code of 429. You may have setup multiple extra revenue accounts in Xero, to track different expense types or streams for different office locations or types of business.

Use the account code mapping options to sync the Synergy expenses into the matching expense account in Xero. Account code mapping options available are:

  • Fixed Xero account - All Synergy staff expenses will be synced to the one fixed Xero account. Select this account from the drop down list. This is the default option to be applied, and it will default to the account #429 "General Expenses'.

  • Synergy expense type - Select this option and the Synergy staff expenses are sent to the 'account code' listed on the Synergy expense type. The expense type is attached to each staff cash or travel expense entered in Synergy, which allows of the staff expenses to be entered with different expense types on the same days expense claim in Synergy. These expenses can then be matched to the Xero categories using the account codes.


  • See which accounts exist within Xero > Settings > Chart of accounts > Expenses tab.

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