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Importing or exporting payments
Importing or exporting payments
Updated over a week ago

Use Connect to sync the invoice payment details to avoid having to enter the same data in both Synergy and Xero. Payments entered in Xero for Synergy invoices will be transferred in the Xero Connect sync.

Payment options are:

  1. Import - Import payments entered in Xero to Synergy. Use this when the Finance team is entering all the invoice payments in Xero, and you want to be able to see the matching payments against the invoices in Synergy. Most commonly used option.

  2. Export - Export payments entered in Synergy to Xero. Use this when the Administration team are entering the invoice payments in Synergy, as they don't have access to Xero.

  3. Both - Enable both options to be used in the one Xero Connect run. This can be useful if one Administration user is entering payment details in Synergy, and other user in the Finance team is entering payments in Xero.

Tip: Xero payments for expenses (creditors) and payroll payments are not synced between Synergy and Xero.

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