Importing payment details
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View a list of each Xero invoice payments that will be imported to Synergy. A Xero payment can only be imported to Synergy if the invoice number that the payment is linked to in Xero, also exists within Synergy. Payments entered in Xero for expenses (creditors) or Xero payroll payments are excluded from the Synergy import payments list. Only Xero payments for invoices are displayed.

Xero does not have a payment type option. Due to this all imported payments will have the 'default' payment type applied. Update the default payment type in Organization > Settings > Project lists > Payment types.

Actions available

  • Error details - Click the green text 'Error detail' to open this pop-up. Here you can see the details of each error message that is showing for that payment, these errors must be resolved before the sync can be run. Click the '...' actions button to edit the details in Synergy that relate to the warning that is shown. Learn more about Xero Connect errors and how to resolve them.

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