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Synergy Release - 18 October 2021
Synergy Release - 18 October 2021

October release 2021

Updated over a week ago

Halloween may be near, but this release has no spooky surprises just some great treats from us to you! We’ve updated features like CRM and the Outlook add-in. We’ve worked hard to make the everyday tasks including WIP transfers and viewing to-do’s little easier. This month it’s the little things that have gone the longest way.

Read about all the changes below.


Synergy CRM

  • When adding a new opportunity, there will now be the option to select an office. Only offices that are allocated on your staff profile will appear.

  • On the CRM project screen activity will be created every time an email is saved using the Outlook Add on.

  • If the ‘Connect to Outlook’ functionality in the Organisation tab is enabled, you will be able to download the email directly from the page. Read more

  • When you create a new call type activity it’s defaulted to the primary contact and will show all numbers associated with them. Read more

Outlook add-in

  • Once the Outlook Settings have been configured any email will be able to be filed on send and will have a category attached to it.

Project Schedule

  • There is now functionality where you will be able to bulk assign a staff member across stages in a project for their role. Read more


  • The title on a to-do is now hyperlinked and will take you to the page where it was created.


  • Documents and images are now able to be sorted in the portal. Click on the column names at the top to sort the documents.


  • There is a new column that has been added on the rates page called 'Category'. There are three categories of Internal, External and Expenses.

  • The category column will also appear in the Project rate pages and in the Report module. Read more

Project Financials

  • Discipline and cost centre filters have been added to the Project financials page. When you have used the filters, they will remain across the views.

Document Templates

  • A new grouping option has been added to the Fee details table called Staff name/ Rate value. It will allow for the number of units and staff name combination to be shown on the invoice.


  • WIP transfers can now be completed on the default screen. Read more


  • A check box has been added in the office settings in Projects and invoices which will allow you to allow an override of auto-assigned invoice and credit numbers. This is selected by default but can be unchecked manually. Read more

  • An error in timesheets will appear if a staff member is not assigned to the rate they have entered when you try to approve it.

  • Staff must now have an equal or higher access level to be able to terminate another staffs profile or change their access level in Synergy. E.g., a Director will not be able to change the security/end date for an Assistant admin + System admin.


A new Total Synergy Community will be launching soon! This community will allow you to interact with the Total Synergy staff and other customers in ways you never have. You will be able to ask questions, share ideas and learn about new ideas and features.

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