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Synergy release - 15 November 2021
Synergy release - 15 November 2021

November release 2021

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This November we are excited to announce the launch of the new Total Synergy Community! The team has also worked hard to gift a few early presents for Christmas including phase names in dependencies and a new dashboard panel. We’ve worked hard to make project budgets a bit easier and everyday tasks smoother.

Read about all the changes below.


Total Synergy Community

This is a new forum that will allow you to connect with other synergy cloud users and the total synergy team right across the globe.

  • You will be able to learn, ask questions, support ideas, and give feedback.

  • An additional way for you to engage with the product, best practice tips, your industry and the wider AEC community.

  • You can find the link in the ‘Get help’ widget.

  • Use your synergy account to sign-up here:


Project Schedule

  • The stage dependencies selector will now show the phase name in the dropdown list. Read more


  • The contingency line itself has been renamed to ‘Markup/Markdown’ and you can use this budget line when your budget will not match your fee. Read more

  • New filters for rate types and rate categories have been added to the budget screen making it easier to see only what you need in the budget. Read more

Budget Vs. Actuals

  • A Budget vs. actuals panel has been added to the dashboard. It will show the last three months of projects that have been marked as completed.

  • The dashboard panel is an initial step towards subcontractor management.


  • Previously issued transmittals can now be forwarded to other external contacts and staff. Read more

  • The project audit will also show that the transmittal has been copied and forwarded.


  • A fix has been issued for MYOB connect where fields on the contact card were being cleared during the sync.

  • Additional options have been added in the security matrix for reading and editing rates.

  • Assistant project managers will now be able to switch invoice layouts.

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