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Synergy release - 13 November 2023
Synergy release - 13 November 2023

November Synergy release

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This month we’re introducing a range of new capabilities that will help make your work faster and easier, so you can work efficiently, and reclaim more time for design.

Copy Timesheets

You now have the ability to copy hours from a previous timesheet.

New Planning Board Colours

Synergy Planning boards now have a beautiful refreshed look and feel making them clearer and easier to use.

New Project List

Project List now have added functionality including new filtering options, re-sorting of columns and pagination.

Additional Improvements

We’ve made a range of small improvements across Synergy to make your work faster, easier, and more efficient.


We’ve implemented a variety of fixes to help improve the way Synergy works.

Work more efficiently by copying previous timesheets

Timesheets are an essential part of tracking your work and hours. To help improve the way you use timesheets, we’ve introduced the ability to copy hours from a previous timesheet. Expenses and notes will be excluded. This will save time and make work easier for those who often repeat the same information on their timesheets, and take away the hassle of re-entering the same information over and over again.

A new look and feel for our Planning Boards

Synergy Planning Boards now have a beautiful, refreshed look and feel to make them clearer to see and easier to use. With a new colour scheme designed to increase clarity, you’ll find working with Planning Boards easier than ever before. They still retain the same functionality so you can achieve everything you were using them for before, including the new additions of resourcing teams and staff introduced over the past few months. We’ve also made all pages AA rated for WCAG standards so that the visually impaired can see more of Synergy.

Image: The old Planning Board colour scheme (shown on the left) against the new colour scheme (shown on the right).

New Project List

Continuing with our work to improve your experience using Synergy, we’ve introduced a range of enhancements to the Project List.

You now have the same filtering capabilities that have been recently added to the other lists throughout Synergy - the ability to save and load custom filter sets. This means you can set up filters to find the projects you need without having to manually clear and re-filter the list each time; so you can have the information you need faster.

This is enhanced with a range of new filtering options, including filtering by Billable, Custom Field, Prefix, Project Manager, Project Status, Project Tags, and Project Type.

You’ll also be able to re-sort the columns of the Project List to better match the way you prefer to display your information.

We’ve also implemented pagination so you can show a smaller number of projects per page. The default view is 10, but you can choose from 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 projects to show at a time.

Additional Improvements

  • ‘Invoice Audit Sent Date’ field has been renamed to ‘Invoice Audit Activity Date’, so the intention of this reportable field is clearer.

  • How Offices are assigned to imported invoices has been improved so if Office isn’t specified when importing the Invoice, the Project’s Office will be used as default.


  • Filed Emails - Issue fixed where deleted filed emails from a project weren’t removed from the file list and the storage usage wasn't reduced.

  • Work breakdown - Issue fixed where Phases wouldn’t load in the Work Breakdown page when viewing a Project in Edit mode.

  • Scheduled Report - Issue fixed where the date set for a scheduled report wasn’t showing as the Next Run Date after the schedule is created.

  • Resource Planning - issue fixed which always showed Unavailability on Resource Planning as a full day, even if only a few hours of unavailability were entered for a staff member.

  • Purchase Orders - Issue fixed where the address on a Purchase Order wasn’t populating when generating the Purchase Order document.

  • Credit Note document - Issue fixed where updating a Credit Note document would inaccurately show a warning message, suggesting fields were missing.

  • Credit Note - Issue fixed when using "Credit Adjusted Invoice Tax Total" bookmark in a Credit Note document it was showing the value for "Credit Adjusted Total Including Tax" instead.

Download the 2023 Technical Release Notes PDF

For a complete list of 2023 monthly release technical notes download the Release Notes.

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