Synergy Release - 17 July 2023

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This month we have some exciting improvements to our Planning Boards that will give you greater efficiencies, flexibility, and customisation capabilities, so you can work more intuitively, and take back more time for design.

Add & Customise Staff Resourcing

We’ve introduced the ability to add and customise staff resourcing from the Resource Planning Board.

Planning Board UI Updates

We’ve made a number of changes to the Planning Boards to help make them easier and more intuitive to use, and to facilitate the new ability to add and customise resources.

Dynamically Scale Project Views

You can now customise your timeline view of Synergy’s Planning boards to view your project at a scale that suits you.

SynergyFieldBook Updates

We’ve improved the way you use the SynergyFieldBook app to make it a better experience, with better searching and UI.

Additional Improvements

We’ve made a range of small improvements across Synergy to make your work faster, easier, and more efficient.


We’ve implemented a variety of fixes to help improve the way Synergy works.

Resource your projects faster and more intuitively than ever before

Having the right people working on your projects is vital to achieving project success. We’re simplifying your resource management workflow by introducing the ability to add staff to your projects directly from the Resource Planning Board. You’re now also able to define the start and end dates for their work.

The ability to customise your resourcing dates is also available on the Project Planning Board and the Project Schedule, so you can enjoy a more intuitive experience of resourcing projects in a way that suits how you work within Synergy.

Planning Board UI Updates

To further optimise your resource management process, we’ve made some changes to the UI of some of the Planning Boards.

New Action Pane

We’ve reimagined the information and resourcing pane from the Project Planning Board and Project Schedule to give you a better user experience. The pane now includes two tabs - the Stage Details Tab, and the Stage Resourcing Tab.

Image: The icons of the new tabs, with the Stage Resourcing Tab highlighted.

The Stage Details Tab offers the same information you’re used to seeing, but is clearer and easier to use with a new Save button at the bottom of the pane, and a new Exit icon at the top right of the pane.

The Stage Resourcing Tab offers a lot of the same information also, however now you have the additional ability to both add and customise a resource through the new ‘Add and Customise’ button, which appears next to your staff resources upon hovering. You’ll then go to the ‘Customise Resource’ pane.

Image: New Stage Resourcing tab featuring the Add & Customise button.

Customise Resource Pane

We’ve introduced a new slide-out pane that facilitates your new ability to add and customise staff resourcing. The ‘Customise Resource pane’ gives you the new ability to specify the Project, Stage, Start Date, and End Date of the work, and control how utilised that staff member is by specifying a utilised percentage, setting a weekly hour total, or setting a total hour allocation.

From the Project Planning Board and the Project Schedule, you can access the Customise Resource pane through the new ‘Add and 'Customise’ button on the new Stage Resourcing Tab of the slide-out action pane. From the Resource Planning Board, selecting the ellipses on a specific staff member will give you the option to ‘Resource to a Stage’, which will take you to the Customise Resource pane.

Image: The updated Resource Planning Board featuring the new Customise Resources pane.

Dynamic project views for greater control

We’ve introduced advanced scaling options to Synergy’s Planning Boards to give you more control over how you visualise and manage your projects. You can now easily zoom in to reduce the time frame and gain a closer look at your projects or zoom out to extend the view and see a broader picture. Choose to view your projects on a scale of weeks, months, quarters, or years; it's all about customising your view to suit your needs and to enable better long-term and short-term planning.

Making work easier for Surveyors with SynergyFieldBook

Working out in the field isn’t easy. SynergyFieldBook is designed to make logging your field project work easy, and we’ve made some enhancements to make it a better experience.

Search functionality has been improved so you can specify time limits on tasks, show tasks assigned to other people besides you, and to no longer be case-sensitive. We’ve also updated your default view of tasks to include any tasks assigned to you that were due within the last 30 days or are due in the next 30 days.

Additional Improvements

  • We’ve made the Invoice List smarter, so when going into and out of Invoices, or navigating through Synergy you the List will be opened in the state it was last left in. The Invoice List will now remember the filters, view, pagination, and page when returning to a page, if done within an hour. When returning to the page, the hour timer will start again.

  • You will be able to sort your Invoices by more columns now, including Aged Debtor, Attention Phone, and Attention Email.

  • We’ve improved the right-click capability on the Invoice List, so you can access all the options available in your browser from the List.

  • We improved the UI on some Right Menu Panes, specifically removing the back button and it saving an action, and replacing with a Save button and an X icon to exit without saving. This improvements can be seen on:

    • Create Project from Planning Boards

    • Project Details from Planning Boards

    • Edit Task from Planning Boards

    • ToDo List from Project Schedule page

    • Edit ToDo from Project Schedule page

  • We also renamed the Teams filter on Analytics Plus to more accurately reflect Primary Team when filtering people.

  • We improved the Manager dropdown from Stage Manager, so now it will only be able to change this to an active Staff Member.

  • We improved the drag and drop performance and loading of project and stage pills in planning boards.


  • Fixed 1080p scaling in revenue forecast so that on screens 1080p and above can now see a full 12 months of revenue forecast data.

  • Fixed an issue with Invoice List where changing the Views still maintained the previous View’s selection.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when bulk finalising and sending Invoices, you in-app notification didn’t appear and Synergy looked frozen.

  • Fixed a rare issue where sometimes the Invoice List for a Contact wasn’t loading on first attempt.

  • Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to delete a cancelled Invoice.

  • We fixed an issue where setting the Fee/Cap filter to greater than 0 was still showing Projects with a 0 total Fee/Cap.

  • Fixed an issue where logging into Synergy as the Account Owner, you could bypass the Single Sign On requirement.

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For a complete list of technical changes download the Release Notes.

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