Synergy Release - 13 August 2023

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This month we’ve done some important maintenance to help Synergy perform better, and give you back more time for design.

Improvements and Fixes

  • We improved our Xero integration, so when generating a preview inside Synergy, the preview will not time out after 4 minutes.

  • Fixed an issue on the Invoice List where invoices were filtered by the Project Office, instead of the office associated to the Invoice.

  • Fixed an issue where some Invoices for organisations based in USA weren't displaying appropriately formatted dates from the Invoice List.

  • Fixed an issue where the appropriate filters weren’t being applied when accessing the Invoice List from 'Owing Invoices', 'Unpaid Invoices', and 'Total Invoices' links.

  • Fixed an issue where some Projects weren’t appearing in the criteria when filtering the Revenue Forecast and scrolling down.

  • Fixed an issue where Stages and Projects were incorrectly showing a '0' value when filtering the Revenue Forecast to only show Internal numbers, even though the tooltip was displaying the correct values for the revenue associated to the 'Internal' portion.

  • Fixed an issue where exporting the Revenue Forecast to a PDF would sometimes rename the columns from the name of the month to ‘Forecast Month 1’, etc.

  • Fixed an issue where you might not have been able to integrate with Xero if you had credit notes attached to significantly aged invoices.

Download the Release Notes

For a complete list of technical changes download the Release Notes.

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