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Synergy Release - 18 June 2023

Check out what's been released in Synergy for June.

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Managing your finances plays a critical role in ensuring the success of your projects and your firm. We’ve made some enhancements to make work easier and more efficient.

Invoicing UI Improvements

We've made a range of improvements to the UI of the Invoices List page.

Merge Company Contacts

To help you maintain accurate records and details of your project contacts, we’ve added the ability merge company contacts. This new function will allow you to bring contacts together that have been accidentally duplicated, even if both companies have projects associated with them.

Additional Improvements and Fixes

We’ve implemented a variety of fixes to help improve the way Synergy works.

Invoicing UI Improvements

When looking through your invoice list ready to select and collate or batch the ones you’d like to finalise and send, you’ll notice that we’ve updated the functionality of the page. We’ve incorporated the new Save and Load Filter capability we introduced last month with a slide-out filter panel, allowing you to both save certain filtering conditions, and load a filter you’ve previously saved - giving you even more efficiencies and time savings. This panel, available by selecting the filter icon at the top left of the invoice list, replaces the previous filtering parameter that used to appear across the top of the list.

To give you even more control, we’ve also added a range of new invoice filtering criteria to this panel, including Invoice Contact, Invoice Terms, Invoice Date, Aged Debtor, and Invoice Total. You can now also select multiple options when filtering.

The invoices table has been updated, so you can now sort using the different columns of data, and we’ve added the Total display at the bottom of the table to show the total invoices in the list and the values of each of the columns.

The View options menu has been relocated to the right side of the page at the top of the list, but still maintains the same views you had access to before.

Additional Improvements and Fixes

  • You can now export data from Analytics + into a Microsoft Excel file.

  • We’ve added an option for “Add Stages from Timesheet” in the Security Matrix, which by default will be set for Assistant Project Managers and above.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes hours from Resource Planning page was showing inaccurate numbers when editing.

  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing the Purchase Order page not to load.

  • Fixed an issue where Project Manager with no Aged WIP were still showing on the Finance graph in Analytics.

  • Fixed an issue where unapproved leave was sometimes showing from Resource Planning and forcing inaccurate utilisation for a given staff member.

  • Fixed a rare issue where some Teams weren’t able to be filtered from Analytics + dashboards.

Download the Release Notes

For a complete list of technical changes download the Release Notes.

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