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Synergy release 16th October 2023
Synergy release 16th October 2023

Synergy - October release

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Check out what’s been released in Synergy for October

This month we’re delivering you a range of new features, capabilities, and enhancements that will enable you to take your project management to the next level.

Introducing SynergyPIM

We’re excited to announce the release of SynergyPIM, a new way to help you manage your project information, from documents and drawings to emails and RFIs.

Scheduled Reports

We’ve introduced the ability to schedule a report to be generated and sent via email at specific dates and times to a specific list of people.

Team Resourcing

We’ve introduced the ability to add an entire team to a Project or Stage, directly from the Project Planning Board and the Project Schedule.

Improved Report List

We’ve enhanced the Report List with new abilities to save and load filters and sort columns, as well as added pagination so the list is easier and faster to navigate.

Additional Improvements

We’ve made a range of small improvements across Synergy to make your work faster, easier, and more efficient.


We’ve implemented a variety of fixes to help improve the way Synergy works.

SynergyPIM - a new era in Project Information Management

Managing the enormous volume of documentation is one of the most challenging areas of project management - from documents to drawings, emails to RFIs. We’re excited to announce the release of SynergyPIM - our answer to the myriad of challenges you experience day-to-day while managing your project information.

SynergyPIM stands for Synergy Project Information Management - a solution for collating, organising, and sharing all your project-based information. It allows you to store and easily locate project files, documents, and drawings; communicate and share information more efficiently; and make better decisions to keep projects on track.

SynergyPIM is comprised of three 3 modules that combine to offer you a complete project information management solution; Unified Workspace, Document Control, and Email Management.

Unified Workspace

The Unified Workspace module creates a seamless ecosystem between Synergy, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, to help you work more collaboratively and efficiently. It automatically creates a dedicated SharePoint site for your project, replicating your Synergy project folder structure so all of your information is organised the way you want it to be. It also optionally creates a dedicated Microsoft Teams space for your team to collaborate in real time.

Document Control

The Document Control module gives you unparalleled control over your information, with the ability to store, manage, track, and share your project drawings and documents, boosting productivity, aligning your teams, and slashing your risks. It offers a formal Document Register, automated revision control, and a detailed Transmittal Summary.

Email Management

The Email Management module enables you to quickly save and centralise all your project emails with your project regardless of who in the team received them, so you can find the information you need, when you need it; without having to waste time searching for emails. It offers an intelligent Inbox Assistant that reviews your emails in bulk and recommends the projects you should file them to.

You can experience the full benefit of SynergyPIM by purchasing all 3 as a bundle, or customise your solution by purchasing them individually.

But that’s just a quick overview. Learn more about the massive benefits available by using SynergyPIM by:

Automatically generate reports with the new Scheduled Reports feature.

We’ve received feedback about the way Synergy handles reports. You asked for an easier and more efficient way to generate reports, especially recurring ones that require manual effort to put the same information together time and time again.

We’re excited to introduce the new Scheduled Reports feature, which gives you the ability to schedule a report to be generated and sent via email at specific dates and times to a specific list of people.

No more manually running the same reports each week, setting calendar reminders so you don’t forget to create them, or wondering if the report will be sent if you’re on leave. This feature will handle it all for you, so you can simply create a recurring schedule, add your recipients, and sit back and relax with the confidence of knowing the right information is getting to the right people at the right time. You’ll also regain valuable time you can spend on other work.

Resource projects faster with new bulk Team Resourcing

Resourcing staff to projects can be time consuming, especially if you’re working on large projects with multiple teams of many people. To help make the whole process faster and easier, we’ve introduced the ability to add an entire team to a Project or Stage, directly from the Project Planning Board and the Project Schedule.

From the Teams list you can now create multiple teams depending on your unique needs. Then from the Project Planning Board and the Project Schedule, simply add your team at the click of a button - no more wasting time by adding team members individually.

You can also customise the length of time a specific team will be working on a project, so you can resource work with greater control than ever before.

Better manage your reports with the improved Report List

Continuing with our work to improve your experience using Synergy’s reports, we’ve introduced a range of enhancements to the Report List.

You now have the same filtering capabilities that have been recently added to the Planning Boards and Invoice List - the ability to save and load custom filter sets. This means you can set up filters to find the reports you need without having to manually clear and re-filter the list each time; so you can have the information you need faster. This is enhanced with a range of new filtering options, including filtering by category, last run, created date, scheduled, and popular.

You’ll also be able to re-sort the columns of the Report List to better match the way you prefer to display your information.

We know that some report lists took a long time to load, so we’ve implemented pagination so you can show a smaller number of reports per page. The default view is 10, but you can choose from 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 reports to show at a time; making it significantly faster to load your reports list.

Additional Improvements

  • We have improved how quickly Synergy generates a new Invoice Document. This used to take 15 seconds, but now Synergy will check if a new document needs to be generated every 5 seconds.

  • We made some significant improvements to how we synchronise with SharePoint.

    • We made some significant technical improvements, which means that synchronising is now up to 9 times faster.

    • You can now check “Active projects only”, when setting up your synchronisation.


  • Document Templates - Fixed an issue where the bookmark "Contract Percent" in the Fee Table was not populating any information.

  • Document Templates - Fixed an issue where adding a cell border was not saving when editing a table.

  • Revenue Forecast - Fixed an issue where some imported projects were not accurately reflected when filtered by Internal, External, or Expenses.

  • Revenue Forecast - Fixed an issue where some values were showing incorrectly when filtering to “Internal" forecasting, because they weren’t subtracting the invoiced amounts.

  • SynergyFieldBook - Fixed an issue where sometimes a message was incorrectly being displayed, saying that the user didn’t have a licence.

  • Data Uploads - Fixed an issue where uploading data into Synergy was filing if the numbers had more than 2 decimal places. Now if more than 2 decimal places are present the value is rounded up.

  • Projects - Fixed an issue where you couldn’t delete a project if you created a cash expense with an uploaded attachment, even if the transaction was removed.

  • Project Tags - Fixed an intermittent issue where Tags could disappear from the Project Summary screen on projects. Further testing has shown that this is happening only when the project status is changed.

Download the Release Notes

For a complete list of technical changes download the Release Notes.

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