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What are bookmarks and how do they work?

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Bookmarks are a central part of your document templates and allow you to in-put data from Synergy directly into the document you are creating. Bookmarks are available and used in two places of a document template, there's the body/main bookmarks, and the table bookmarks.

Available bookmarks

There are a wide variety of available bookmarks to choose from in the document template section depending on which document template you are producing. An invoice template will vary slightly in the bookmarks that are available in comparison to a project proposal. Each template will have common and specific bookmarks and they should be used in combination to create the desired template.

You can see all of the available bookmarks by clicking on the 'Select Bookmarks' button within the editing screen of the template.

The bookmarks will be grouped under headings, so to see the full list expand each drop down within the list. Alternatively, you can search for a specific bookmark you're looking for.

Table section

Each table will have common and specific bookmarks depending on what information the table is producing.


Synery document Templates are incredibly customisable, and you can add as many or as few bookmarks you feel to be necessary. Bookmarks are already linked to an available data point in Synergy and will pull from that data point when being used.

Customisation of bookmarks only goes so far in the document template section, here are some things that you won't be able to achieve:

  • You cannot customise what information the bookmark pulls from the data point in Synergy.

  • You cannot write over any bookmark once the information has been generated, ie. if you download the document from an invoice and edit it, then upload it and save, the data will be re-generated and write over your edit with the original (Synergy) data.

  • You cannot type in your own bookmark or create any bookmarks in the document template section.

If you would like to see a new bookmark added to the document template that you are working on we would love to see your request in our Total Synergy Community.

Adding and removing bookmarks

You can add a bookmark as many times as you feel necessary in the document and you will need to add the same number of bookmarks as you want that data to appear in the document.

Example: If you want to say your company name six times then you will need to add the bookmark into the document template six times.

You cannot copy and paste bookmarks in the document template as that will remove the live feed of data.

To add a bookmark click the little plus button next to the bookmark.

To remove a bookmark click the red X next to the book monkey once you remove in the right hand side list.

When removing a bookmark you will need to make sure that you remove it from both the editing screen in the template and from your Word document otherwise it will re-populate the bookmark when you go to re upload the document into editing screen.

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