Everything you need to know about Timers and how to use them.

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Synergy's Timers is a great tool to accurately track how much time you're spending on a task, be it internal or a Project. You can have multiple timers running at the same time, and pause, play, and stop as needed, then quickly add the recorded time to your Timesheet.

What are timers?

Timers help you track how long you have spent on a task, they run in the background and hide away so you can focus on your work. You can pause, stop, and restart them at any time, you can also have multiple timers on the go at once, to keep track of multiple tasks in one go.

Why use timers?

Using timers makes keeping accurate records of time being spent on a task easy!

Followed by being able to quickly add the time to a timesheet saves both time and mistakes.

Using Synergy Timers

You can start a Timer no matter where you are in Synergy.

  1. Click the clock icon in the top right hand corner of any page.

  2. A panel will appear, in this panel, add:

    • A description of what you're working on (this will become a note on your timesheet).

    • Choose the project this task relates to (this can be an internal project as well).

      • You can type a project name, or number if you can't find it on the list.

    • If you have already spent an amount of time on this task prior to starting the timer, you can start with the time you've already spent.

  3. Press play to start the clock.

    • If you started with time already, it will start with the amount of minutes you added.

When your timer is running, the icon's little clock will start moving and you will have a red flashing dot - this indicates you have an active timer.

Any timer left running will automatically be stopped at middnight.

Adding recorded Time to a Timesheet

Now that you've finished for the delay or time being, you can add the time to your timesheet.

  1. Go to Timesheets

  2. Scroll to the bottom, you will see 'Timers'.

  3. Click the line to add it to your timesheet.

    • If you have multiple timers here, you can use "Add all".

  4. Fill in the Stage and Task, as well as Rate if it's different to the default.

  5. Save your timesheet.

You will now have a line, with the time accumulated with your timer, and if you added a Description, this will also be a Note under the time logged.


You can also start a timer from any previously entered timesheet entry, this will start a new Timer with all of the information (Project, Stage, Task) from the timesheet line you've previously added! Just hit the green Play button at the end of the timesheet entry.
โ€‹The play button will appear when you hover over the timesheet entry.

Now you can easily and accurately account for all time spent on a task using Synergy.

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