Timers in Fieldbook

This article explains how to start timers in your Fieldbook app.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Any user with Fieldbook access.

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In the Synergy Fieldbook app there is a "timer" option to log your time against projects. This is a useful option if the stage billing type is hourly rates. This way you can manage and invoice out at exactly how many hours you have worked on the project for.

To start using the Timers:

  1. Open Synergy's Fieldbook app on your device, log in if required.

  2. Select the task you're currently working on, this will take you to the task details.

  3. Click the play button to start the timer.

  4. When you're finished for the day, or you need to take a short break - the play button will turn into a pause button. Click the pause button, and play again if you would like to continue.

  5. To save the time once completed, exit using the back arrow in the top left hand corner and save your changes.

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