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People in Fieldbook (Selecting your team)
People in Fieldbook (Selecting your team)

Learn how to add people to your team in Fieldbook and do their timesheets for them.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Any user with Fieldbook access (specific to Security Matrix set up).

Synergy's Fieldbook is a great site tool for Team leaders as it will allow you to submit Timesheets for all the staff on site with you.

You will only see your direct reports and anyone who reports to them. You can search for your team members by either their name or role using the search bar but you will not be able to search for anyone outside of your team.

To add people to your team:

  1. Open Synergy's Fieldbook app on your device, log in if required.

  2. Select the task you're currently working on, this will take you to the task details.

  3. Click on the line with the people icon (by default it will have your name listed).

  4. Search the people you are looking for, to add to your team. Toggle the switch on the right hand side of their name.

    • You can remove them by toggling the switch again.

  5. Now click the back arrow in the top left hand corner to save your changes.

When you go back to the Task details page, you will see the number of people you selected, added next to your name.

  • Any of your team members who you submitted timesheets for can see their timesheet entry across the Synergy platform.

  • When a team member is not originally assigned to the task, they can only see the submitted timesheet in Synergy. Synergy Fieldbook only shows tasks for a resource if that person was originally assigned to it.


Even though you may be adding expenses, mileage and consumables to your task with people added, only you will only be logging the time for the people you have added, they will not get a copy of the cash or mileage expenses.

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