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Cash expenses in Fieldbook

This article explains how to add a cash expense in fieldbook

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Any user with Fieldbook access.

Previous steps: Tasks in Fieldbook

When you're out on a job, you probably have expenses you need to claim. Synergy Fieldbook helps you keep track of these expenses while you're on the go, saving you a lot of admin work at the end of a busy day on site.

To add a Cash expense to a task you're working on:

  1. Open Synergy's Fieldbook app on your device, log in if required.

  2. Select the task you're currently working on, this will take you to the task details.

  3. Click on Cash expense

  4. Here you can start by:

    • Add a receipt - you can find an image you previously took of your receipt, or access your phone's camera and take one at the time of adding your expense.

    • Expense type - this is defined by what's allowed to be added on the project and what has been set up in Standard project tasks (System Administrator will do this).

    • Rate - this is defined by what's allowed to be added on the project and what's been set up in Rates (System Administrator will do this).

    • The total cost of your expense.

    • A note, this can be used to furher explain your expense.

  5. Once added, click the back arrow in the top left hand corner of the screen to save the details.

Now your expense will be saved against this task.

You can only add one Expense per save on a task. If you need to add another one, click the back arrow on the top left hand side of the task details page, confirm changes, then go back into the task to continue adding additional Expenses.

All of this information will now be added to our timesheet entry for this task, under the Cash section of the timesheet window.

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