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How to access and log into Fieldbook
How to access and log into Fieldbook

Learn how to access and log into Fieldbook including adding app to home screen.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Project Manager, Director, System Administrator

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Synergy Fieldbook helps reduce the amount of time our land surveyor customers spend doing the admin work they hate while out on site as it happens. This article will guide you through accessing Fieldbook and logging in.

Accessing Fieldbook

Fieldbook is a PWA (Progressive Web App), which means you'll use your device's regular internet browser, instead of a traditional mobile app.

  1. On any device (Tablet, Mobile, PC) open your internet browser.

  2. Access Fieldbook by going to

  3. Log into Fieldbook using your existing Synergy log-in information.

    • Note: If it's your first time logging into the PWA version of Fieldbook, you'll need to allow Fieldbook access to your profile.

Saving to your Home Screen (Quick Access)

You can save the fieldbook website to your bookmarks as you would normally, or you can save the website to your device's home screen for quick access like an App.

  • Google Chrome

    • iOS/iPadOS - Not supported by Google.

  • Safari

    • iOS/iPadOS -

      • Click on the share button located at the center bottom of the screen.

      • Scroll to add to the home button at the bottom of the UI.

      • Click on add to the home button.

      • Click on add button.

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