Custom Field updater

Bulk update custom fields in your Synergy organisation

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Edition: Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator, Assistant Administrator

The Custom Field updater lets you update project or stage custom fields in bulk. Simply download a list of projects or stages, with their custom field data, update the records you need to, and re-upload to affect changes.

**Note - Custom fields should already be set up in Synergy before using this importer - it does not create new custom fields during the import process.

Downloading from the project list

To generate the list of custom fields you need to edit, first go to the Projects list in Menu > Projects.

Filter the projects list to show only projects or stages you want to update custom fields for.

Once your filtered list shows the projects you need to update, use the ellipses menu to download your spreadsheet.

To only update Project level custom fields, choose the first option. This download will include all projects in your filtered list.

To update Stage custom fields for projects in the list, choose the second option. This download will include stages on the first page of your filtered list (if you have multiple pages in your filter, you'll need to download again once you move to page 2,3 etc).

Editing your data

The spreadsheet you've downloaded contains several columns of data:

  • The Entity Id: This is the unique internal identifier for this project or stage, and should not be edited

  • Entity Name: The name of the Project (and phase or stage where relevant)

  • Custom field data: This is data that can be edited before uploading

Make changes to the spreadsheet data as you need, paying careful attention to the format of things like dates and multi select custom fields values:

**Note: Blank fields will create blank custom field values in the import, so be careful to only delete values in the spreadsheet if you want those custom fields to be blank after the import

Save your spreadsheet.

Uploading your data

Once you've made the changes you want to, navigate to Organisation drop down > Settings > Organisation> Data Import > Excel Import.

Use the Custom Field Updater tab:

Click 'Next', and then 'Add Files', and choose the updated spreadsheet

Next, you'll be presented with confirmation of the number of custom fields being updated, and their new values.

Where there are errors, you'll be shown the reason for those errors. Resolve the errors in the spreadsheet, save it, and then use the 'Reupload' button to try again.

Once you're happy with the upload, click the 'Import' button to set the changes live.

Using the template

On the Data import page, you can also download a blank template for project or stage custom field updater:

This blank template can be used in the same way as above, and includes a list of sample data for each custom field in your organisation:

Note: The 'Entity Id' is not a required field. During the import, Entity Id is the first 'match' that Synergy tried to find, but where it is blank, we'll match to the Entity name instead. Where a match for ether Entity Id and Entity Name cannot be found, the row will error during attempted import.

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