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Before you can add bookmarks and set up document tables in templates it's important that all the basics are covered. The information below will make understanding basic functionality in templates easier.

Downloading & Uploading the document

To download your editable word document click on the 'Download file' button. This will produce a Microsoft Word file which you can then edit.

Once you have finished making any changes 'Save' the word document and re-upload it into the template editor through the 'Upload edited file' function.

NOTE: You can only upload Microsoft Word documents through these buttons.

Enabling bookmarks in Word

Before you start creating your templates we recommend you open an existing Microsoft Word document and make sure that you have bookmarks enabled in word.

It's important to have these turned on as the data won't pull through if you don't and it will just be the text of the bookmark name in your final document instead.

To enable the bookmarks in Word follow the steps below:

  1. Go to File > More > Options in the side panel menu.

  2. Go to 'Advanced in the side menu bar.

  3. Check 'Show Bookmarks' in the Show document content section.

  4. Click 'Ok'.

  5. Save the Word document.

NOTE: This won't change anything on the existing Word document you have, it will simply update the settings.

With these two tools you will be able to get started in editing and customising your document templates to suit your business needs.

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