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Synergy Analytics Plus is a series of detailed, interactive analytics dashboards that enhance your Business Intelligence insights. Available as an Add-On to your subscription, it presents detailed data across a range of dashboards within each of the key operational functions of Business, People, Projects, Sales, and Finance.

These dashboards give you the ability to clearly view and analyse your project data to help make informed decisions that drive organisational efficiency and profitability.

Each dashboard displays a variety of graphs, charts, and tables, and is interactive with the ability to apply multiple filters to customise the data you’re analysing. You can learn more about how to read and use the functionality included in your dashboards in our article: Reading your Analytics and Analytics Plus Dashboards in Synergy.

The list below details the dashboards available in the Synergy Analytics Plus Add-On.

Business Dashboards

There are five Business Dashboards available which demonstrate your business insights, show your revenue, and break down your Work in Progress (WIP). These dashboards include:

  • Business Overview Dashboard

  • Performance Dashboard

  • WIP Recovery Dashboard

  • Revenue Analysis Dashboard

  • Profitability Dashboard.

Learn more about the Business Dashboards here.

Finance Dashboards

There are four Finance Dashboards available which demonstrate your financial insights, focusing on presenting your WIP, as well as debtor and write-off analyses. These dashboards include:

  • Finance Overview Dashboard

  • WIP Analysis Dashboard

  • Write-off Analysis Dashboard

  • Revenue Debtors Analysis Dashboard

Learn more about the Finance Dashboards here.

Sales Dashboards

There are four Sales Dashboards available which demonstrate your sales data in Synergy. These are focused on presenting proposals, forecasts, and statistics on wins and losses. The dashboards include:

  • Sales Overview Dashboard

  • Ongoing Proposals Dashboard

  • Revenue Pipeline Dashboard

  • Win/Loss Analysis Dashboard

Learn more about the Sales Dashboards here.

Projects Dashboards

There are five Projects Dashboards available which demonstrate insights into your Projects, with filters that give you control to analyse projects that fit the criteria relevant to you, and the ability to find Projects easily. These dashboards include:

  • Projects Overview Dashboard

  • Snapshot Dashboard

  • Map Dashboard

  • Financials Dashboard

  • Forecasting Dashboard

Learn more about the Projects Dashboards here.

People Dashboards

There are four People Dashboards available to give you an overview of the people within your organisation and provide insights into teams and individuals, with a focus on utilisation. These dashboards include:

  • People Overview Dashboard

  • Headcount Dashboard

  • Utilisation Dashboard

  • Internal Time Dashboard

Learn more about the People Dashboards here.

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