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Project Information Management with SynergyPIM
Project Information Management with SynergyPIM

What is SynergyPIM?

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Synergy Project Information Management (PIM)

Manage all your AEC project documents, drawings, and emails in one place.

With millions of pieces of information to coordinate, it’s no wonder inefficient project management costs architects and engineers billions every year. Businesses need centralised access to every piece of project-based information to reduce the stress of keeping track of project data, reduce the risk of losing important correspondence, and ensure that you and your teams are no longer overwhelmed by the large volume of project documentation.

Say goodbye to the stress of inefficient project information management and start taking advantage of SynergyPIM today.

Synergy PIM is made up of 3 modules that combine to offer you a complete project information management solution. Experience the full benefit of SynergyPIM by purchasing all 3 as a bundle or customise your solution by purchasing them individually.

Unified Workspace - Unified Workspace enables you to create a SharePoint site for each project, as well as a Microsoft Teams channel in your Synergy organisation.

Document Control - Gain unparalleled control over your information, with the ability to store, manage and track your project drawings and documents, boosting productivity, aligning your teams, and slashing your risks.

Email Management - Goodbye manual filing! Hello Inbox Assistant! This intelligent add-on reviews your emails for you as it brings them into Synergy in bulk, and recommends the projects you should file them to.

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