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Managing Documents with the SharePoint or Unified Workspace Add-on Enabled
Managing Documents with the SharePoint or Unified Workspace Add-on Enabled

The effects of creating, editing and deleting documents with the SharePoint Add-on enabled

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: User, Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Director, Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

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Note - this article references a legacy add-on 'SharePoint for Document control' which was superseded by the 'Unified Workspace' add-on in 2023

Synergy project folders and the files within them are synced to SharePoint with the add-on enabled. Here's what to expect when editing folders/files with the add-on enabled:

Synchronisation of files

While the synchronisation of files from Synergy to SharePoint is automatic, this is not the case when new revisions or new files are added in SharePoint.

This allows you to maintain document control in SharePoint and only sync the latest or final revision of a file back into Synergy.

Every time you access a project folder, the add-on will check if there are any new files or revisions in SharePoint that can be synced back. If there are, a notification will appear above the ellipses button, as shown below:

Select the ellipses button followed by Show new revisions to see which documents have been updated, and to determine whether you want to bring the new revisions back into Synergy:

Creating or uploading files

Files uploaded to a project in Synergy will automatically sync to SharePoint. This is also the case for documents generated in the Document Register such as fee proposals or project letters.

Documents uploaded directly to SharePoint won't sync to Synergy automatically, however, they can be brought into Synergy by selecting the ellipses button then selecting Show new revisions.

File deletion

When deleting a file from Synergy, you can choose whether you would like to delete it from SharePoint as well:

If you delete a file from SharePoint, it will remain in Synergy.

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