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Connecting to SharePoint in Synergy
Connecting to SharePoint in Synergy

How do I connect to SharePoint and set up my security groups?

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Connecting to Sharepoint using the Synergy connector is easy and flexible to fit around your document management requirements.

Setting up your account owner email (heading in help article)

SharePoint setup steps

Navigate to Organisation menu > Connect to storage

1. Under the SharePoint tab, you will see the different SharePoint configurations that are available. For more information on SharePoint best practices and limitations, please read this article.

It is important that you understand what the best way is to configure SharePoint for your business for you to navigate to the SharePoint tab.

2. Under ‘Configuration settings’ you will need to add your tenant id. You can find this from the Microsoft page and by clicking on the ‘Properties page’ link.

For all configurations, your SharePoint base path is the SharePoint URL without the HTTP://.

1. You can connect to an existing SharePoint site but only if the existing SharePoint name is an exact match to the configurators naming convention: [yyyy] Synergy Projects.

2. Please note that the existing site must be a team site and NOT a communication site.

3. To read more on the topic - Microsoft SharePoint

In each configuration setting, you will be provided with different options on-site and folder naming.

In the SharePoint site per year and SharePoint site per year + document library per office, you will also have the option to create a top folder within the document library for project data.

This option is helpful if you would like to use the document library to store other general business documentation or common project documents. Alternatively, you can also create a separate document library for this information.

3. You will need to approve permissions to connect to SharePoint.

  • When you create your next project, everything is synched.

4. Before testing the configurator's connectivity, please ensure that you follow the instructions on setting up your SharePoint security groups below.

You also need to check that your account owner email is an active user in your Azure active directory. For information on how to check this, see the information below.

5. Slide the toggle on 'Enable connect, start integration'.

Note: If there is a prompt asking you to disable the Windows file server. You will need to do this before you can proceed. This means that you have folder synchronization enabled.

6. Lastly, you can sync previous projects to SharePoint based on the date selected in the date picker. By enabling a ‘full sync’ you are syncing projects that have not previously been synced with Synergy before.

  • The ‘full sync’ works based on the configuration you select in step 2. E.g. if you sync back to 01/01/2020 and have selected the site per year configuration, all projects that were created in Synergy in 2020 will be synced to a 2020 Synergy Projects site and vice versa for 2021 projects.

  • If you have previously used the connector, the previously established sync will not be changed.

Setting up your SharePoint security groups

It is essential that you add all six security groups and name them exactly as above.

To do this, they (the SharePoint admin or whoever has access to the Azure portal)

1) Log in to Azure Active Directory

2) Select the menu item ‘Groups’

3) Add new

4) For each of the 6 Synergy security groups: ensure the Group type = Security and that the Group name is as per the Synergy list

5) Add your staff members into the groups as per their security access in Synergy. Eg John is a Project Manager in Synergy – he should be added as a member of the Synergy_Project_Manager security group.

Security Groups:

  • Synergy_User

  • Synergy_Assistant_Project_Manager

  • Synergy_Project_Manager

  • Synergy_Director_Access

  • Synergy_Assistant_Administrator

  • Synergy_System_Administrator

6) Once this is complete, click the ‘Test Groups’ button in Synergy to ensure that the security groups have all been set up correctly.

After setting up security groups you will need to wait around 5 minutes, then select 'test connectivity.

Lastly, when you slide the toggle, you can choose from what created date you want to sync your projects.

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