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How to view and customise the folder structure of your projects

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The SharePoint add-on creates a SharePoint site for each project in your Synergy organisation. Each site has a copy of Synergy projects' folder structure, allowing files created in Synergy to be synced to SharePoint and vice versa.

Maintain document control in SharePoint, and use the add-on to sync final versions of files to Synergy where they can be sent to clients in a Transmittal.

How it Works and Syncing Documents

In the initial SharePoint setup, users are prompted to enter a date from which projects will have their folders and files synced to SharePoint:

After the add-on has been set up, you can revisit this menu to sync projects older than the original defined date. This allows you to sync the folders and files of older projects which may not be active.

Whenever a new file or new revision of an existing file is uploaded to a project folder in Synergy, the file will automatically sync to SharePoint. Similarly, files generated in Synergy, such as a project proposal or invoice, will also sync automatically.

Changes to those documents made from SharePoint (eg. checking out for editing, checking in updated revision) will not sync back to Synergy automatically. Instead, you can determine what files you wish to sync back.

To do this, open the document register and go to the folder that contains a file you wish to sync in Synergy:

Each time a folder is selected, the add-on will check to see if there is an updated file that can be synced back into Synergy, indicated by the ellipses button in the top-right corner. If there's a file that can be synced, a red indicator will appear, as shown below:

Select Show New Revisions in the ellipses menu to view a list of updated files, and select which files you wish to sync back into Synergy.

Being in control of what is synced from SharePoint ensures your storage isn't filled with multiple revisions of the same file.

Accessing SharePoint from Synergy Folders

If you wish to open a folder in SharePoint to view the files within it, go to the document register of a project and select the folder. In the top-right corner will be a Working Files link, as shown below:

Selecting the link will open the SharePoint folder in a new tab. You may need to log into Office365 in your browser before you can access the folder.

If you generate a document from the document register, such as a fee proposal, you can also access it in SharePoint immediately after creating it, by selecting the Open for editing button that appears:

Alternatively, you can use the Ellipses button when hovering your cursor over a file in Synergy, then select Edit in SharePoint:


You can link SharePoint folders to OneDrive, allowing you to upload files to project folders in SharePoint directly from File Explorer.

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