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Enabling SharePoint

The first steps to connect your Synergy Organisation to SharePoint

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Director, Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

Connecting to SharePoint will allow you to synchronise your Synergy project folders and files with SharePoint. Document control can be maintained within SharePoint, and updated versions or revisions can be synced back to Synergy to be sent to your clients in transmittals.

Connect to SharePoint

Select the Organisation dropdown menu and select Connect to PIM:

If you are using the PIM add-on, select the Unified Workspace tab. If you're using the Legacy SharePoint add-on, select SharePoint (Legacy).

There are 5 steps to connect to SharePoint, as follows:

Step 1 - SharePoint Configuration

The first step requires no action, though it will indicate that a SharePoint site will be created per-project. Select Next to proceed.

Step 2 - Configuration Settings

This step requires two pieces of information from SharePoint:

  • Tenant ID - this can be found in the Directory ID box on the Properties page

  • SharePoint base path - this is the start of your SharePoint URL, eg.

To find your TenantID, log in to Azure AD, and look at the Overview section of the Azure Active Directory page.

You will also be required to select your preferred Workspace naming format. The following options are available:

  • Project Name

  • Project Number

  • Project Name and Number

  • Project Number and Name

Step 3 - Approve Permissions

This step requires an administrative user to approve the following Microsoft Office 365 permissions:

Step 4 - Test Connectivity and SharePoint Security Groups

Before testing connectivity, you'll need to set up the following tenant security groups in SharePoint (case sensitive):

  • Synergy_User

  • Synergy_Assistant_Project_Manager

  • Synergy_Project_Manager

  • Synergy_Director_Access

  • Synergy_Assistant_Administrator

  • Synergy_System_Administrator

To set up the security groups, head to Azure AD Admin Centre, and select Groups from the menu:

From the Groups menu, follow these steps:

  1. Select New Group

  2. Select Security as the group type

  3. Enter the group name as per the list above (eg. Synergy_User)

  4. Once all groups are configured, add your staff members to the groups corresponding to their level of access to Synergy.

    • For example, someone who is a project manager in Synergy should be assigned to the security group Synergy_Project_Manager in Azure.

After assigning all staff to the group they belong to, wait 5 minutes, then select Test Connectivity in the SharePoint add-on setup page:

Step 5 - Enable Connection

In this step, you'll need to enter a date. All projects created between the defined date and the current date will have their project folders and files in Synergy synced to SharePoint. This can be run at any time, so you can choose to sync projects in batches based on the date they were created.

Projects are only synced once, and if a project that falls within the specified range has already been synced, it will be ignored.

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