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My invoice edits are disappearing

Updated over a week ago

When you create your invoice, you may find that somethings may not be correct or that you missed a bit of information. You can download your docx. and make edits to it and then re-upload it. But what happens when the changes you make go back to the original?

This likely means you have edited a bookmark or a table in your docx. There are a few rules when editing your invoice document including:

  1. Changing data which is originally a bookmark

  2. Deleting bookmark data

  3. Adding extra text into your fee details table

  4. Changing values or data in your tables

When you change any values or data in your invoice and then re-upload it into synergy it will ignore the edits. This is because it repopulates the original data that is in synergy.

If you want to see changes in your populated data then you need to change it within synergy so that it looks correct on your invoice.

Otherwise, you will need to download the invoice and keep the edited version out of synergy.

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