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Add a project invoice
Updated over a week ago

Create project invoices to charge clients for the work completed to date on project tasks.

Before you start invoicing review the pre-invoicing checklist. This walks you through the checks to do before invoicing to make sure that the correct project details and transactions appear on the invoice.

Add a new invoice using the project invoices tab by clicking the 'add' button in the top right corner.

Setup the new invoice using the five sections of the draft invoice page:

  1. Invoice details - Who the invoice is to be sent, which address to send the invoice to, the invoice number to be assigned, the invoice date, and the invoice period (date range).

  2. Stages and transactions - Select which stages are to be included, and define the invoice total for each stage, and open the transactions window to choose which timesheet or expense transactions are included on the invoice for each stage.

  3. Invoice summary note - Add a description of the project works that are being invoiced.

  4. Invoice document - Download the invoice document that is created, edit the document if required and upload the file to make a new invoice file version.

  5. Invoice totals - Check the overall invoice total before finalising the invoice.

Once all the details in the invoice are correct click the arrow next to the 'save as draft' button, and choose the 'save and finalize' option. The finalized invoice can the be printed, posted, emailed, or shared with the invoice contact.


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