Creating a credit note
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Create a credit note for an invoice when there is a dispute over the amount owing. Credit notes discount the amount owing against the original invoice.

Add a credit note by:

1. Open the project > invoices tab, and open the invoice you want to apply the credit note against.

2. Select the page actions button '...' and choose the 'cancel or credit invoice' option.

3. On the credit note types pop-up shown, choose the 'credit note' middle option.

4. Setup the draft credit note by adding details to the two main credit sections.

Credit details section

  • Reason - Type a note to describe why the credit note is being created. This prints on the document to the client.

  • Credit date - Choose the credit date from the calendar, to decide which revenue period the credit note will fall within.

  • Number - Optional field to assign a custom number to the credit note. If left blank the next available number is automatically assigned when the credit note is saved.

Credit stages section

For each stage in the table you can either enter the:

  • Credit value

  • Credit percentage

Enter one of these fields against each stage required to be credited to build the credit note total.

5. Check the credit note total is correct, and then click the arrow next to the 'save draft' button and choose the 'save and finalize' option.

6. The finalised credit note can then be viewed. Open it from within the finalised invoice document in the totals panel by clicking the credit note number.

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