Synergy release - 21 March 2021
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With a new season upon us, we're bringing a new and powerful Global Search to Synergy in our March release! Our new search technology, improvements to invoice and project templates all about creating #moretimefordesign. Check out the full list below


Global Search

  • Updates to global search gives you a fast and effective way to find the info you need

  • Search across your organisations projects, invoices, contact, invoices & emails

  • Smart ranking and fuzzy search built on Microsoft technology

Learn all about our new global search!


Invoicing Templates

  • We've added a new table to invoice templates - 'Work Breakdown Template'

  • This shows the entire work breakdown on your invoice, including past stages that are now complete or on-hold

  • Use this when your client needs a full rundown of the project anytime you issue a new invoice

  • There's no longer a requirement to set stages to 'pending invoice' status (even when they're complete) to show them in your invoices

Project Templates

  • Copying project templates now includes project contacts

  • Include your staff that work on different project verticals or job types for efficient project creation.

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Synergy folders with special characters were not being created in SharePoint

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