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Synergy release - 14 February 2021
Synergy release - 14 February 2021
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With the sweet scent of Valentine’s Day still in the air, we wanted to let you know; we love you, Synergy community. Not in a weird way - more in a 'thanks for supporting us, always asking great questions, and giving us ideas for new features' kinda way. It's a short month, and a quick release featuring some changes to the planning board, work breakdown, and invoicing aimed at improving performance and reducing the noise. Check out the new shiny bits below.


Planning board

  • Projects now default to proposal and active stages only

  • Use the R Menu to remove staff (and/or role) in the project schedule

  • Filter roles by office


  • Performance improvements in draft and finalization time


  • Start and end dates boxes automatically appear in create project screen - Work breakdown (and all WB screens) default to active and proposal stages only


  • Choose to create a 'Total Synergy' folder (or not!) when you sync your projects to SharePoint

  • Performance improvements to the speed of folders syncing from Synergy to SharePoint


- Fixed an issue with the target revenue totals on the revenue forecasting screen showing incorrect currency symbols

- Fixed an issue with invoices occasionally getting stuck in draft

- Fixed an issue with custom field filtering not showing all results when the record has more than 1 multi-select value checked

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