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Synergy release - 21 February 2019
Synergy release - 21 February 2019
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Find out about the new and improved features in the latest Synergy release.


Project templates

This update supercharges what happens when you create and apply a template to a new or existing project. The template harnesses the advanced logic of the planning board to scale the duration of your stages and adjust the budget according to the size of your project. Read about it in detail in the help file.

  • In project templates you can assign staff, a role type, or your go-to team to fulfil any task. This books them for every project when the template is applied and is useful to visualize your resource allocation when planning future projects.

  • When you drop a template into the work breakdown structure, it carries over what was defined in your template budget and is visible to everyone, including the practice managers when they check on their forecast income.

  • If you assign start and end dates to the stages in your template, when you apply the template to a project, the stages are scaled between the project start and end dates.

Once you have a template set up, you can generate a detailed project plan with a click of a button. It also standardizes work breakdown and budgets across all your projects. This allows you to send more accurate proposals to more clients, faster.

Multi office

This update of Synergy delivers the versatility our larger customers need to manage multiple offices. The Multi office feature is only available to Synergy Enterprise customers. Synergy Business and Synergy Professional customers have an office automatically created, which is ready to go if they upgrade to Synergy Enterprise.

  • It’s all about improved visibility:

  • We know the importance of inter-company reporting to keep the auditors happy. Busy directors can now generate reports to show productivity at the office level, and also move projects between offices.

  • In this release, you can import projects, staff and financials for different offices, then use the bookmarks feature to create office-specific documents such as proposals or invoices.

  • Easily allocate different project numbers for each office. This also allows the financials to be split into different accounts to facilitate accounting reports by office.

  • Add a secondary office to staff in the staff details view.

  • As your business grows, you can create a new office.

  • In this release, there are no restrictions to which offices are visible to staff.

  • The Configuration page now includes the following fields:

Companies with offices in different locations may have different budgets to adhere to. Multi office streamlines this, so when resources are shared between offices, your business units can cross-charge across the different offices so you know which office is paying for what. You can also use this feature if you want to see who you can allocate to projects at an organization level.


Grace period following subscription end date

  • Customers now have 15 days to update their credit card details, or add funds to their credit card, if their subscription has expired due to a credit card issue.

  • With this change, your access to Synergy is not interrupted if Synergy can’t validate your payment details on the due date. We will send you plenty of emails about this if/when it happens!

Xero add-on for Synergy

  • In the event of a connection failure, Synergy will make several attempts to reconnect with Xero during a bulk import before timing out.

Work breakdown structure comments/scope field

  • Google Chrome browser users can now use the mouse to navigate to their desired location in the free text field for comments and scope in the work breakdown. This is in addition to using the arrow keys.

Timestamps uses organization settings

  • When printing reports, Synergy now uses the organization’s settings when displaying the dates and times for when any changes were made.

Utilization checkbox in Timesheet lists

  • We have implemented a ‘Utilized’ checkbox on pages under Settings > Timesheet lists to show that, if ticked, the task or stage will be seen as utilized on reports. This makes reporting on the utilization of staff, more accurate.

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