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Synergy release - 21st January 2024
Synergy release - 21st January 2024

January release notes

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We’re kicking off 2024 with some long awaited and exciting features! We have introduced customisable payment terms to make invoicing easier and give you back more time for design. We have also given you the opportunity to connect with a range of external software using our Premium API and Zapier integration functionality.

Invoicing - Customisable Payment Terms

Improved options for Payment Terms, across Invoices and Purchase Orders. To give you more customisation and flexibility around Invoice payments and financial workflows.

  1. Manual Due Date & Day of Month - Due Dates can be set in two new ways:

    1. Day of the month – You can set a due date in the following month of the invoice date (regardless of the invoice date). You can select a date 1-31 and for months with less than 31 days it will default to the last day of the month.

    2. Custom date range - Due Date manually set.
      When setting the Due Date, it cannot be a date prior to the Invoice or Purchase Order date.

  2. Default Payment Terms - Default Payment Terms for an organisation currently exists and now you can also set a default by: (automating payment terms once they are set in settings).

    1. Office – set payment terms for individual offices

    2. Project – set payment terms for specific Projects

    3. Contact – set payment terms for a specific contact

To learn how to include new custom payment terms on your invoices and purchase orders <read the guide>

Invoicing - Bulk Finalise and Bulk Send Invoices

To improve flexibility around invoicing, we have added to the feature of ‘Bulk finalising and sending Invoices’ (accessed from the Projects list). You can now break this bulk process into two separate actions providing faster and more efficient invoicing. The two NEW separate actions are:

  • Bulk Finalise Invoices – to finalise invoices in bulk

    • Manually send invoices that have been finalised in bulk

    • Add attachments to finalised invoices before sending individually

  • Bulk Send Invoices – to send invoices in bulk

    • Bulk send invoices that have been finalised individually

    • Finalise and send draft invoices and finalised invoices

With these independent bulk actions now supported, when bulk finalising and sending invoices, any invoices already finalised will also be sent.

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To learn how to bulk finalise or bulk send invoices in Synergy <read the guide>

Zapier Integration

Synergy now connects to Zapier allowing you to integrate a variety of Synergy triggers and actions primarily to support HR and CRM applications like Bamboo, Salesforce, People HR, Bright HR, Sugar, ZoHo, Kula Hub, Workable and Pipedrive.
To connect Synergy to other platforms and take advantage of these triggers and actions, clients will require a Zapier account.

The triggers and actions included are:

Triggers (in a CRM or HR system that will integrate into Synergy):

  • Staff (HR)- New or Updated Staff

  • Leave (HR) - New or Updated Leave or Approved Leave

  • Contact (CRM) - New or Updated Contact

  • Project (CRM)- New or Updated Project

  • Project Contact (CRM) - New or Updated Project Contact

  • Project Status (CRM) - Updated Project Status

Actions (in Synergy that will integrate and update in the CRM or HR system):

  1. Create a Company (CRM)

    1. Fields to integrate: Name, ABN, ACN, Website, Primary Email, Phone, Address

  2. Create Leave (HR)

    1. Fields to integrate – Synergy Staff ID, Synergy Leave Detail, Start Date, End Date, Comment.

  3. Create Personnel (HR)

    a. Fields to integrate – Title, First name, Last Name, Parent Contact ID, Primary Email, Job Type, Website, Phone, Address.

    b. Custom Fields are also supported.

  4. Create Project (CRM)

    1. Fields to integrate – Project Name, Multi Stage, Template ID, Billing, Scope of Work, Primary Contact ID, Address.

  5. Create Staff (HR)

    1. Fields to integrate – Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Email

  6. Set Staff Termination Date (HR)

    1. Fields to integrate - Synergy Staff ID, Termination Date.

  7. Additional Actions (CRM)

    1. Update Company, Update Personnel, Update Project, Update Project Status, Find Contact, Find Project, Find Project Template, Update Leave.

NOTE: These triggers and actions can also be used for other non HR or CRM integrations.

NOTE: To integrate with Zapier customers need to purchase the Premium API add-on.

The Premium API add-on allows for 60,000 calls per day (of which 20,000 can be used for Transaction endpoints). The standard Synergy API that all customers have access to allows for 300 calls per day (of which 50 can be used for Transaction endpoints).

NOTE: Zapier Integrations require technical experts experienced in Zapier to set up the integration.

More triggers and actions are planned to be implemented in 2024.

Learn more about Zapier integration or Premuim API

Additional Improvements:

  • Timesheet Mandatory Notes - You can now enable mandatory notes for Timesheets from the organisation configuration page. When the checkbox is selected notes will be required before a timesheet can be submitted.

  • Stage Notes - You can now see inactive Stage Notes from a Stage. When the checkbox is enabled, the inactive Notes for that Stage will be displayed.

Issues that have been fixed:

  • Task - Fixed an issue where adding a rate to a Task was not updated budget when saving.

  • Timesheet Report - Fixed an issue where accessing the Timesheet Report was sometimes including summaries from other staff.

  • Stage - Fixed an issue where you couldn’t change the status of a Stage if the associated Phase was missing a unique phase number.

  • Reports - Fixed a rare issue where some expressions in reports were not generating the right values. This was only affecting Forecast values for some projects.

  • Project Documents - Fixed an issue where some users who used Single Sign On were not able to upload large files in Project Documents.

Download the 2024 Technical Release Notes PDF

For a complete list of 2024 monthly release technical notes download the PDF.

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