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Automated Finalising & Sending Invoices
Automated Finalising & Sending Invoices

Describes the process of automating the finalising and bulk sending of invoices

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Edition: Enterprise

User-level: Project Manager and above

Previous steps: Invoice List overview

Synergy allows you to select multiple Draft Invoices, and finalise and send those invoices in bulk.

Using the filters from the Invoices list and sorting them by the different columns, you can specify and select the Draft Invoices you want to finalise and send.

Once you have confirmed you want to finalise and send your Invoices, your Invoices will begin processing, and will be sent out one at a time.

You will get a notification when this process has finished and you will be able to access a report that shows the success of each Invoice.

Filter the invoice list

To make sure you're only sending off invoices that are ready to go, you can filter the invoice list in multiple ways, and only send invoices that satisfy the rules of those filters.

When searching and filtering the invoice list, we typically recommend using the save and load filtering feature to create a 'Ready to send' filter that satisfies your processes (e.g. Invoices that are approved, in draft status, and in a date range)

When you're ready to bulk finalise and send your invoices, choose that filter, and confirm the invoices present are ready to finalise and send.

Bulk finalise and send invoices

Once you have the list of invoices ready to go (either through using a saved filter, or manually selecting them one at a time), use the ellipses menu and select 'bulk finalise and send invoices

You'll be asked to confirm the finalising and sending of the invoices.

This action can not be undone - once the invoices are queued, they will be finalised and sent.

In peak times, this action can take a couple of hours - but, we'll notify you once completed, so you're free to perform other tasks in Synergy while we get them out!

You can see the status of the send as a pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Checking send report

Once we've finished finalising and sending your invoices, you'll see a notification (like the one below), as well as receiving a notification in the notifications centre

You can click the notification to download a report on the success of the finalise and send process.


The document will show whether the finalise and send was a success or a fail, and if a fail, what the error was (in the above case, because the invoice was not in draft status)

Only one instance of 'Bulk finalise and send' can be in motion for any organisation - where a second or more simultaneous bulk action is initiated, you'll receive an error message until the first is finished!

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