Payment applications overview

Payment application workflows in Synergy

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Edition: Enterprise

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This article covers creating, sending and reporting on Payment applications in Synergy.

Typical Payment application workflow

Typically, the workflow for managing payment applications in Synergy is as follows

  1. Create your draft invoice, and save it

  2. Choose the payment application template required

  3. Send payment application

  4. Change draft status to 'Application Sent'

  5. Upon receiving confirmation/approval from the client, mark draft as 'Application approved'

  6. Finalise and send invoices

Draft Status

Any draft invoice can also have a draft status. This helps you understand where in the Payment Application process your draft is up to.

Draft Statuses include:

  • Created

  • Application Sent

  • Application Approved

By default, all Draft Invoices will use the Created Draft Status.

Application Number

Payment Application numbers, which can be customised, are auto-assigned, based on your customisation rules.

Payment Application Template

The Payment Application is created from a new document template. This template uses all the existing bookmarks of Invoice Templates.

By default, our Payment Application Template is identical to the Invoice Summary Template, except instead of Invoice Number, Payment Application Number is shown, and no payment details are shown.

Like our other Templates, you can also create your own Payment Application Template, so it fits your businesses needs. This works with Switch Layout, which will let you switch between different Payment Application Templates.

Generating and Sending a Payment Application

From a Draft Invoice, you will be able to generate, download, and send a Payment Application. You can interact with these tools from the Invoice Document Preview drop-down menu.

From the drop-down menu next to Save, you will also be able to click Send Payment Application.

You'll then choose the contact, message and hit send.


There are three Payment application specific reporting fields, which are available under the Invoice category.

New reporting fields:

  • Payment Application Number

  • Payment Application Last Sent Date

  • Draft Status

You can report on these fields, filter data on these, and group by these fields, too.

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