19 articles
Invoice ApprovalsWorkflow for approving invoices
Credits OverviewAn overview of the different credits available in Synergy, why they're used, and what they do
Pre-bill overviewEverything you need to know about pre-billing.
Invoice PaymentsDifferent methods of applying payments to invoices in Synergy, how to remove/reverse/delete a payment
How to generate a pre-bill?A detailed guide to generating a pre-bill invoice in Synergy
How to reverse a credit noteHow to reverse, undo, remove, delete, a credit applied to an invoice
How to write off an invoice?What you need to know when writing off an invoice
Invoice CalculationsHow values on invoices are calculated when using mark up and mark down methods.
How to delete an invoice?How to delete an invoice once it's been cancelled.
Invoice and Credit Notes Security MatrixEach user level and their level of access to Invoices and Credit Notes
Modifying invoice numbers and datesModify the invoice prefix, number and/or date
Project Invoices OverviewEverything you need to know about Project Invoices.
Post-billing overviewPost-billing Overview. Everything you need to know about post-billing
Pre-Invoicing checklistEverything you need to check before raising an invoice
Multi currency invoicingHow to create a currency and invoice in it. Invoicing in multi currency.
Credit Return to WIPHow to credit return to WIP. Return invoiced transactions to WIP.
Adding discount to an invoiceHow to add discount to an invoice
How to cancel an invoice?A guide for cancelling an invoice
Returning transactions to WIPHow to remove a transaction from an invoice without cancelling the invoice.