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Synergy release - 17th June 2024

June Release 2024

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We are thrilled to release three significant enhancements in Synergy, designed to improve your email management, purchase order processing, and timesheet handling. These updates are designed to give you greater efficiency, flexibility, and control over your daily tasks.

Copy Timesheet Improvements: Save Time and Ensure Consistency

We have expanded the functionality of the Copy Timesheet feature, allowing users to copy any timesheet from the past three months. This update includes the option to copy timesheets with or without hours, providing greater flexibility and efficiency.

What’s Changing?

  • Copy Any Timesheet: Select a week from the past three months to copy into the present week.

  • Selective Copying: Choose to include or exclude hours when copying timesheets.

  • Project Stage and Task Inclusion: Ensure consistency by including project stages and tasks in the copied timesheets.


  • Time-saving: Reduce repetitive data entry.

  • Flexibility: Adjust hours as needed without starting from scratch.

  • Consistency: Maintain accurate project tracking.


Copy Timesheets are available across Professional, Business, and Enterprise editions of Synergy.

Purchase Order Notes: Enhance Communication and Record-Keeping

The new Purchase Order Notes feature lets you add, edit, and manage notes directly within your purchase orders. This functionality improves communication and record-keeping, making the purchase order process more transparent and efficient.

What’s Changing?

  • Add and Edit Notes: Include detailed notes in your purchase orders and edit them as needed.

  • Leave Comments: Collaborate by leaving comments on notes.

  • Set Inactive Notes: Mark notes as inactive when no longer relevant.

  • Note Counter: See the number of notes associated with each purchase order at a glance.

  • Notifications: Opt-in to receive notifications when notes are updated or commented on.


  • Enhanced Communication: Keep all relevant information in one place.

  • Improved Record-Keeping: Maintain a detailed history of changes and comments.

  • Greater Transparency: Everyone involved in the purchase order process stays informed.


This feature is available across all Professional, Business, and Enterprise editions.

Registered Emails for SynergyPIM’s Inbox Assistant: Streamline Email Management

Our new Registered Emails feature in SynergyPIM’s Inbox Assistant lets you maintain a searchable and filterable directory of project-related emails within Synergy. This improvement addresses a key pain point for many users who need to access specific emails logged over time.

What’s Changing?

  • Search and Filter: Easily find emails by subject, sender, recipient, date range, project, and more.

  • Preview and Manage: Quickly preview email content and manage your emails by moving or removing them as needed.

  • Share and Collaborate: Share email locations with team members via email or link, facilitating better collaboration.

  • Enhanced Organisation: Sort emails by project number, sender, date, and other criteria to keep your inbox organised.


  • Increased Efficiency: No more time wasted searching for old emails.

  • Better Collaboration: Share important communications seamlessly.

  • Improved Confidence: Demonstrate Synergy's email capabilities effectively during client presentations.


The Registered Emails feature is available exclusively for SynergyPIM Inbox Assistant users.

Additional Improvements

Quickbook Integration

Now includes additional logging to help us diagnose customer issues, specifically for, total items, adding and updating an item, and error tracking. Other minor improvements to the stability of the integration and the data being handled by the integration have also been made.

Permissions for Leave on a Timesheet

Now includes new permission to the Security Matrix: "Enter and Edit Leave on a Timesheet". By default, this is set to all users, but settings can be changed for Enterprise customers.


  • Aged Debtor report - Fixed an issue where an Aged Debtor report with Debtor Note column added, the report filters to only show invoices with Debtor Notes.

  • Work Breakdown Schedule - Fixed an issue where the WBS would not save and display an error message saying “Office ID is required for a new Stage.”

  • HR - Fixed an issue where importing Leave Balances in HR was successful, even if one or more of the entries weren’t updated.

  • Revenue Forecast - Fixed an issue where a stage with a status of On Hold or Pending Invoice were not being included in the Project totals on Revenue Forecast.

  • Copy Reports - Fixed an issue where some users with Professional weren’t able to copy Reports.

  • Exporting - Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to export all Projects when using the Export Custom Fields exporter if non standard characters, (e.g. $, &) were included in the Project Name.

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